Let’s face it. Most of us have more physical “stuff” than we actually need. For some of us, this presents in piles of clutter, for others, drawers bursting open, or storage units with never-ending contracts.

Theresa was extremely helpful during my move. She helped keep me on track, and we were able to pack up a difficult room efficiently, and in such a way that it would be easy to unpack.
Just to demonstrate how effective she was, Theresa helped me pitch 15 pounds of unneeded documents from my file cabinet in just 20 minutes! This was stuff I’d been moving around for YEARS! I’m so glad to have made space for my new business.
Theresa not only helped us pack and unpack, she was able to put us in touch with a moving company, estate salesperson, and independent living placement professional. We couldn’t be more pleased with the service we received!
neat closet
I was afraid that the services would not be as comprehensive as they sounded, and that perhaps things wouldn’t be cared for in transit or unpacked with care. Nothing could be further from the truth! I didn’t realize you were a professional organizer as well, and I was incredibly impressed with the thought, care, and communication about what was packed, how things were set up at her new place, and how much you really wanted her home to be comfortable and welcoming!

I want to help you find more space to breathe, while simultaneously honoring your brain, your heart, and your processes. I believe in the utility and beauty of things and I want to find each item a good home, whether that’s in your house or out of it.

Retirees and Empty-Nesters

Whether you’ve left a career or your kids have moved out, transitioning into this new chapter of life is an important rite of passage. While sorting through your worldly possessions can be an overwhelming proposition, the Swedish call this process Döstädning, as it’s a therapeutic way to take control, and make sense of, your surroundings and your life.

Seniors in Transition

After so many years in your home, moving to independent or assisted living residence can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Our experience in helping people prepare to move, and our network of relocation specialists, lends itself well to these changes. Let’s make this transition a smooth one. We’ll even help you unpack once you arrive!


Professionals who work from home

When you spend as much time as you do in your space, it needs to fit your needs on two fronts: a clear workspace that allows for creativity and multi-tasking, and a serene personal space to retreat to when the work is done.

Non-organizers / A.D.H.D. brains

Having 10 years of teaching under my belt has helped me gain skills to make organizing fun! I’m well educated on how different brains work, and will work with you and your preferences to make your space truly yours, painlessly.