Client Profile: A Senior’s Move: Ray and His Collections

Theresa Cashman
April 12, 2021

Imagine, for a moment, the item most precious to you. Not the most expensive, but the most precious; priceless. Now imagine hiring movers to pack your things and seeing it tossed into a cardboard box along with some other odds and ends. It probably wouldn’t feel great. 

This is what Ray was facing when he called Clearing Space for some assistance. Ray was a retired museum curator and had a collection of artifacts that ranged anywhere from a hundred to over 4,000 years old! He had moved 5 times in the last dozen or so years, and knew from experience what poor packing could cost him. 

As we chatted about the best ways to pack his priceless belongings, Ray also mentioned that he’d be donating most of his property. He knew it was going to cost extra to ensure his artifacts arrived safely, and wasn’t terribly attached to much of his clothing and furnishings. So he figured he could save money on moving costs by moving fewer items. (A smart strategy!) 

He was thrilled when I suggested consigning some of his items online! Being a digital non-native, he wasn’t sure of how to post to Craigslist or Nextdoor, and was excited at the prospect of being able to lower his shipping costs even further by selling some furniture online. (For anyone concerned for his safety, please know we had a contingency plan in place for when he met anyone in person to sell something.)

Once we had settled on a packing method and supplies for his artifacts, and gotten his consignment items posted online, it was time to face the paper. Ray had been trucking around tax returns from the late 90s! It was time to purge! Because we knew he’d be moving soon, we selected a plastic tote especially for his files, and filed his papers as we purged. We worked together to determine what items could be recycled, shredded, and kept, and called his accountant or attorney when we had questions. 

By the time we were done, he was ready to stage his space! His home is on the market now and we’re awaiting the phone call to come pack the rest of his belongings for the movers to take him to the east coast. 

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