Where do you fall? Pinterest Perfect vs Clutter Chaos

Theresa Cashman
October 20, 2020

Let’s be real. Pinterest Perfect isn’t for everybody. I certainly don’t live that way. I wear so many hats in one day that my house tends to explode between tidyings. Stained glass pieces wait by my computer for wrapping while I binge the next episode of Arrested Development. My camping gear might wait on the floor for a couple days before it gets put away. Yesterday’s laundry almost made it into the laundry basket. But each item has a home, and when things start feeling out of control, I can quickly tidy my space and bring life back into (some semblance of) control.

Your house should work for you. Each of us has a different relationship with clutter, but an important fact to realize is that our outer and inner realms reflect each other. Some folks feel better when there is some mess around. A home feels more “lived in” when clutter is present. Others, the minimalists, really appreciate having everything in its place all the time. This gives them a sense of control in an otherwise chaotic world. Me, I’m somewhere in-between. I like everything to have a home, but it’s ok if it strays a bit because that allows me to accomplish more tasks in a day. For me, task completion feels better than environmental control, so temporary clutter is ok.

Where do you fall? Have you been feeling stressed out while stuck at home during Covid? Is it possible you need to bring a bit more order to feel more calm in your home? What would be some easy ways to get there? If you’re not sure or don’t even know where you’d start, I’d be honored to have a free virtual consultation with you (if you mention this blog 😉 Sometimes it can really help to have an unbiased third party look at your space with fresh eyes!